CSULA PEEP Newsletter

Issue 15: Fall 2008 Quarter - September 2008

EEP Names in the News

SPACE NEWS -- indefinitely postponed. The University is temporarily housing other departments in the vacated King Hall space. Once the construction for these departments is complete, the space will likely be available for EEP, but the date is unknown.

EEPsters in the News! Congrats to the following who are just a few of our amazing EEPsters. Please email Rich if your EEPster's accomplishment was overlooked, so it can be included in subsequent newsletters!

Calling all Brainiacs! We need a logo design! $50 prize!
Bookbags for ALL EEPsters! Logo contest! Our deepest gratitude to LSI (the company where PEEP Bruce Edge works) for their generous grant. The Early Entrance Foundation will be ordering canvas tote bags for every EEPster, with the catchy logo "Support Intelligent Life On Earth -- EEP" or EEP motto "Scholarship, Involvement and Responsibility" and design by an EEPster. We need help! Have your EEPster submit artwork (maximum 2 colors) to earlyentrance@sbcglobal.net. Contest Deadline: November 30th. NOTE: There is a $50 Prize to the EEPster of the chosen design! Every EEPster will get one of limited edition special bookbags, thanks to the Early Entrance Foundation and to LSI (website)!

KorynaSharon and Rich
Thank you EEP staff. The EEP staff is great, and puts up with the myriad of problems presented by PEEPs and our EEPsters! Just so all PEEPs can put faces to the names, our full-time staff person is Nancy Aguilar, who is the one who usually answers the phone and handles a mountain of details for Rich. 5th Year Elder Sharon Ready juggles her final year of classwork with part-time office help as does part-time staff Bryant Ortiz who is also an undergraduate student. Graduate student Koryna Meraz (pronounced Ko-ren'-na) is our new Student Life Coordinator for the year. And we are fortunate to continue to have the services of counselor Lisa Sakamoto for over five years. The phone number is 323-343-2287 for everyone, and the emails are:
EEP staff: eepstaff@cslanet.calstatela.edu
Rich Maddox: rmaddox@cslanet.calstatela.edu
Student Life Coordinator Koryna Meraz: eepg.kmeraz@yahoo.com
EEP Counselor Lisa Sakamoto: lisiesakamoto@gmail.com

Academic Advisor Dr. Jeff Benedict
Undergraduate Academic Advisor Dr. Jeff Benedict. Your underclass EEPster will also be meeting with Dr. Jeff Benedict, a professor of Jazz Studies, Jazz Ensemble and Saxophone. EEP was happy to welcome Dr. Benedict as an Academic Advisor last spring. For more information on Dr. Benedict, visit his CSULA page at http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/music/Benedic.htm. Upperclass EEPsters use the Academic Advisors available through the University for their declared major.

the elder and staff counselors at Catalina
Academic Support. Especially Freshman parents should note the resources that EEP has for all EEPsters. Mentoring is not just a summer job for our EEPsters -- all upperclass EEPsters are always willing to help underclass EEPsters with any question. It is great for EEP if each and every EEPster is successful -- EEP is distinctively notable for its camaraderie and support, and not competitiveness. The two biggest challenges in adjustment to the college routine for most EEPsters is speed (that 10-week quarter goes by so fast!) and math (most EEPsters have some gaps having skipped high school). At the first onset of any problem (and preferably before, prophylactically), the EEPster should consult the EEPC Academic Chair Sonya Dhanvanthari (email) to arrange FREE tutoring in the problem subject. EEPsters are tutored by upperclass EEPsters who have displayed a mastery of the subject material. Note that the majority of successful EEPsters have both been tutored and performed tutoring in their years at EEP. There are also a wealth of mathematics tutorial dvds from the Teaching Company. These are available on loan for viewing at home, as well as in the EEP lounge (have your EEPster ask the EEP office staff).

Games at Catalina (Duck Duck Goose)
Clubs. EEPsters are encouraged to join clubs of interest, although, as a caveat, it is suggested that freshmen join no more than one club their freshman year, until they are certain of the change in the workload. EEPsters abound in: ASI (CSULA student government), GE Honors, Debate, Humanitarians on Campus, Mock Trial, Finance, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, and many more. The Mock Trial Club is beginning its third year; interested EEPsters should contact EEP Elder David Nagy by email.

Flag football at Catalina
Study Abroad Fair. Experience a Different Coast…Study Abroad! Past EEPsters have studied abroad for 1-3 quarters at places like Oxford University and the University of Dublin. For our older EEPsters, international programs and the National Student Exchange can be a very nice option. If your EEPster might be interested for the 2009-10 school year or later, they can visit International Programs and Services on campus, or call at 323-343-3170, or attend the Fair on Thursday, Oct 9, 10am-3pm on the main walkway, with over 20 study abroad providers. Interested EEPsters and PEEPs should also visit the IPS (CSULA International Programs and Services) website. Application deadlines for the 2009-10 academic year are in February.

camaraderie at Catalina
Reminder: EEP Lounge Hours. The EEP Lounge is open 6am-6pm, Monday-Thursday. Note that the doors will be locked at all other times; these are timed locks, and the rooms are accessible to no one after hours. EEPsters are also welcome on campus on Fridays, 8:30am-5:30pm.

Tandem bicycling at Catalina
Reminder: PEEP Website and Yahoo Group. The PEEP website is continuously updated with tons of useful links and information -- emergency procedures, summer internships, scholarships, news articles and more. Everything is linked from this one page, so please bookmark it! And our private Yahoo PEEP group contains a private PEEP roster with city and emails so PEEPs can set up carpools, or just get in touch with the parents of your EEPster's friends.

Reminder: Health Services on Campus and Emergency Procedures. PEEPs may be interested in knowing about the services available on campus at CSULA's Health Center -- available free or at reasonable prices -- and these are in addition to the Medical Clinic with Medical Doctor and nurses on call: Dental Clinic, Chiropractic Clinic, Optometry Clinic, Massage Therapy, and Counseling Services. PEEPs may also be interested in the Emergency Procedures in place at CSULA. Note that this link is permanently on the PEEP website, and also contains a wealth of information on home preparedness as well. Breaking news! CSULA offers a new emergency procedure that will interest all PEEPs: text-messaging in case of an emergency. Your EEPster must sign up for this service, but multiple phone numbers and email addresses are allowed, so your EEPster can sign up both his/her own cell number and yours -- visit the website for more information.

EEF Financial News

bonding at Antonio's Pizzaria at Catalina
2008-09 Annual Giving -- coming soon! Donations to EEP, for everything you see in the EEP rooms (from furniture to ink cartridges, games to educational dvds), are made to the charitable corporation Early Entrance Foundation. 100% of the donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of the money is donated to EEP. Don't forget, we do matching grants too. Donation emails will be sent soon to all our PEEPs, or you can click here for the request from the Foundation and Rich. Email PEEP Donna Hay with questions.

College tax break. Over 25% of Americans fail to take advantage of the myriad of college-related tax breaks -- don't be one of them! When planning your taxes, remember to look into the Hope Credit (a per-student annual credit for the first two years of higher education) and others, credits that may apply even with alternative minimum taxes. There are also tax-advantaged college savings plans, known as 529 plans, which can boost your savings. Be sure to check out all that apply to you!

Thomas Farnsworth (LSI) presenting check for $3,000 to EEP for bookbags and scholarships - 10/14/08
2008-2009 LSI Scholarships. The Early Entrance Foundation has just received money for four scholarship grants -- $500 each to be awarded to an EEP freshman, EEP sophomore, EEP junior and EEP senior. Details will be announced in a special email, to all EEPsters and PEEPs, as well as at the EEP Group Meetings.

Electronics Recycling for Scholarships! Please recycle used electronics for the EEPC Scholarship fund. EEPC collects it all -- Cell Phones, empty Printer Cartridges, DVD Movies & games, game systems, laptop computers, digital cameras/frames, GPS and more. Just give it to your EEPster to bring to school to place in the specially-marked bins at EEP!

EEPsters at the 2008 GE Honors Graduation Reception
Other Scholarships. PEEPs should be aware that EEPsters qualify for any and all regular student scholarship awards. To get you started on discovering some scholarships that may apply to your EEPster, we have collected some information, and placed it permanently on the PEEP website.

more bonding at Antonio's in Catalina
Chatsworth Online Sales. PEEP Helene Chemel will help you sell your unwanted treasures and help EEP at the same time! Send her your collectibles to sell online on ebay, with all the proceeds going to EEP! Contact Helene at Chatsworth Online Sales at 818-224-0779 or email (for more info, click here).

spacious tents at Catalina!
eScrip is Easy! It's simple, it raises lots of money for EEP ($1100 last year!), it's free and it needs you! And even your friends and relatives! Just sign up your grocery cards once and EEP gets a percentage back on all the grocery purchases all year long! If you have no charitable organization specified on your cards, the stores just keep all the money. Sign yourself up online (click here) or email PEEP Jennifer Edge (jen.edge@gmail.com) for help. Our goal for 2008-09 is $1200 -- but we cannot reach that without YOU! Note that everyone must renew their Ralph's club card allocation to the Early Entrance Foundation, but no renewal is necessary for Vons/Pavilions or Albertsons.

Upcoming Events for EEP Families

putt-putt at Catalina (nice swing!)
Fall Quarter 2008 Important Dates. Dates of interest for this quarter are:

Fall quarter starts Thursday, Sep 18th
New Parent Welcome - Sunday, Oct 5th 3:30-5:30 pm (see below)
Winter Quarter Tuition due Wed., Oct 15th - click here for form - revised date
Priority registration for Winter Quarter - Monday, Oct 20th - revised date
Veterans' Day holiday Tues, Nov 11th -- school closed
Thanksgiving holiday Thur-Fri, Nov 27-28th -- school closed
Fall Quarter Exams: Mon-Thur, Dec 1-4th
Winter Break (FOUR weeks) - Friday, Dec 5th - Sun Jan 6th
PEEP Meeting and EEP Open House and Testing - Sunday, Dec 7th -- postponed
Winter Quarter begins Monday, Jan 7th

the Saturday night campfire at Catalina
New Parent Welcome. Each year all PEEPs welcome our incoming freshman PEEPs with a special event, so that they have an opportunity to meet each other, the parents of the new friends of their child. This year we are having an appetizers Pot Luck at the home of alum PEEPs Susan and Ned Fenton, who have so graciously opened their home to us. It will be on Sunday, October 5th, 3:30-5:30 pm; the invitation was emailed to PEEPs, and RSVPs are required for parking pass purposes. Note that every year we are honored by the presence of several professors and deans too.

fun at Catalina - the Jeff Lynn challenge (congrats Frosty -- boo hoo Eugene!)
Volunteer Opportunities. Please get as involved in the PEEP as you can! Volunteer to help with newsletter-writing, or website updates, or your own suggestion -- please email PEEP Donna Hay at dhay16301@sbcglobal.net for more information.

music at Catalina
PEEP Meeting and Testing. With the discontinuation of the WPCT (Washington Pre-College Test) EEP is switching over to the ACT exam. The December test date is Sunday, December 7th (postponed - TBA), and the spring date will likely be March 8th. We will have the normal PEEP meeting from 10-11:30am, and the Informational Open House for parents of test-takers 1-3pm. Rich will be sending out an email to PEEPs and EEPsters with lots of information on what is the same, and what is different this year. He will need lots of EEPster volunteers, as usual -- that's the favorite part of the meeting for all prospective parents!

EEP events. Your EEPster will be emailed information on the myriad of EEP fun events this quarter -- like laser tag, bowling, museum trips, skiing, and our ever-favorite FRIGHT NIGHT. Note, Rich does request (brave) parent volunteers to serve as chaperones for the all-night Fright Night event in the EEP rooms on campus.

EEΠX Store

Yearbooks, Sweatshirts, T-shirts and More! We have it all! Just have your EEPster order one, and Rich will send home the item and a bill! With questions, email the EEP Club or call 323/343-5488 and leave a message.

Upcoming CSULA Events of Interest for EEP Families

Nico's 1970 Desertshore album is the inspiration for this exhibit
Desertshore This exhibition addresses notions of progress and decay similar to those provoked by the cultures, geographies and metaphors of the American southwest, taking an often melancholic look back while proposing challenging ideas related to our present and near future. Sat, Aug 23-Sat, Oct 18, noon-5pm. Visit the website or call the Luckman Gallery at 323-343-6604.

woundedinAmerica: Stories of Gun Violence Survivors. An exhibition featuring the photography of Robert Drea with narratives by Stephanie Arena. Tues, Sep 16-Sat, Dec 6 at the JFK Memorial Library.

Neosapien. Neosapien explores the idea of the cyborg and its implications on the art world. Sat, Sep 27-Sat, Oct 18, noon-5pm at the Fine Arts Gallery.

Sally Ride, America's first female astronaut
Sally Ride Science Festival. A festive day of science and socializing. Parents and teachers are welcome too! Speakers, workshops, street fair and lunch for $18 - advance registration is required. Sat, Oct 4th, 11am-4:15pm on the Main Walkway. Visit website.

Luckman shows. Visit the website at http://www.luckmanarts.org/ or call the Luckman Theatre at 323-343-6600.
• Lula Washington Dance Theatre is known for theatrical, entertaining, and energetic works set to a range of music from classical and jazz to experimental, blues and dynamic African drums. Sat, Oct 4 at 8:30pm.
• Limón Dance Company, acclaimed around the world, celebrates José Limón’s centennial season with two premieres -- revival of Anna Sokolow’s jazz-inspired Rooms and Clay Taliaferro’s work inspired by the music of J.S. Bach. Sat, Oct 18, 8pm.
• Royal Winnipeg Ballet will present the sensual and powerful Carmina Burana that explores the struggles between human desire and sacred beliefs. Sat., Nov 1 at 8pm.
• Charles Owens Quartet will delight with an evening of jazz woodwind music. Sat, Nov 22 at 8:30pm.
• LatinJazz Christmas with Grammy-nominated, Dr. Bobby Rodriguez and his 23-piece LatinJazz orchestra as they heat up the wintry season with some favorite holiday tunes – Latin style! The whole family will be enchanted by the orchestra’s warm-hearted humor, colorfully festive singers and dancers, and even Santa himself. Sat, Dec 6 at 8pm.
Lula Washington's Dance Theatre will be at Luckman twice this quarter
• Lula Washington Dance Theatre: Kwanzaa Celebration Concert bridges the Kwanzaa and Christmas holidays by rejoicing the seven Kwanzaa traditions through dance, youth dance ensembles, gospel music, poets, and special guests. Sat, Dec 27, at 8pm.

Fairs. Call the CSULA Career Development Center at 323-343-3237 for more information.
• Study Abroad Fair - Experience a Different Coast…Study Abroad. 20+ study abroad providers will showcase their programs to travel, study, work and intern abroad. Thur, Oct 9, 10am-3pm Main walkway.
• Meet the Firms - Accounting, Finance and CIS majors are able to network with reps from public and private accounting firms, companies and agencies. Thur, Oct 2 6-9:30pm at Almansor Court - RSVP required, call 323-343-3237.
• General Career/Job Fair - Network with employers who are seeking candidates for full-time, part-time, and internship positions. Tue, Oct 21, 10am-2pm, Main Walkway

Lectures in Science. Call the CSULA Department of Physics and Astronomy at 323-343-2100 for more information.
• 25th Annual Leon Pape Memorial Lecture Midred S. Dresselhaus, Institute Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at MIT: "Why are we so excited about carbon nanostructures?" Fri, Oct 10 at 2pm in Physical Sciences 158.
• Milan Mijic: “Science in Hollywood Movies: True or False?” Wed, Oct 29 at 8pm, Physical Sciences 158
• Eun-Young Elaine Kang: “Game Physics – To Make the Effects More Real.” Wed, Nov 19 at 8pm, Physical Sciences 158

USC Blood Drive, Mon-Tue, Oct 13-14, 10am-4pm, Lot 4. USC Blood Donor Center’s Blood Drive; appointments are preferred; walk-ins are welcome. Give blood…Give life!

Tim Davis’ photographic series My Life in Politics, an “attempt to see what political life might look like” and Kota Ezawa’s new film, Brawl, will both prompt us to consider broader perceptions and implications of “us” and “them.” Sat, Nov 1-Sat, Dec 20 noon-5pm at the Luckman Gallery. website or call 323-343-6604.

An Evening of Poetry with Dima Hilal will focus on the experiences of Arab American women in the U.S. and abroad. Mon, Nov 10, at 6pm, location TBD. Call 323-343-5001.

Be sure to check out the complete CSULA calendar at http://www.calstatela.edu/univ/calendar/ for last-minute additions, and for the Luckman Season, call the Box Office (323-343-6600) or visit the website.

Articles of Interest

We have on file dozens of articles that Rich clipped from mostly the LA Times and TIME Magazine that he thought would be of interest to parents. Check out the article index to find:

• safety -- identity theft, credit card traps, how to stop junk mail, how to protect against burglary, how safe is MySpace
• education -- how to fix "No Child Left Behind", the ranking revolt, the myth about homework, looking beyond famous schools
• teens -- how a teen's brain works, multitasking generation, "tweens", "twixters", "crispies"
• health -- medical myths, food combinations that fight cancer, arthritis pain relief, earthquake information
• finance -- making your money last through retirement, paying for college
• and many, many more -- click here!

Breaking News! We just heard that "High IQ Kids: Collected Insights, Information, and Personal Stories from the Experts" has received the 2008 Legacy Book Award, a U.S. nationally recognized award for outstanding literature related to gifted children and their education. (Amazon link). The EEP section, which Rich contributed, is on pages 197-212.

Old Favorites! A Nation Deceived - a study summarizing 50 years of research on acceleration and its effectiveness - at this website http://nationdeceived.org/download.html and TIME's "Saving The Smart Kids" - a 2001 study found that 70% of kids who skipped ahead had no regrets. MENSA Bulletin "My Son Is A High-School Dropout -- and Proud Of It."

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If you have any questions, comments or article submissions,
please email PEEP Donna Hay or call her at 818/905-6249.

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