CSULA PEEP Newsletter

Issue 13: Spring 2008 Quarter - March 2008

EEP Names in the News

SPACE NEWS -- still no news! The update on the new space is still that nothing is definite. The scheduled completion date for the new Student Union building is now this summer, so decisions on the vacated space in King Hall will be made this spring. It will take a huge community effort to move so be on the lookout for more news and information from Rich sent through email (or via your EEPster!). And, the new Student Union will have some fun new possibilities for our EEPsters, like a bowling alley!

CSULA's 2008 Mock Trial Team: EEPsters Hayley S, Raj S., Michael L., David N., David S., Kathryn D, and Sonia L, with regular student DJ
CSULA Mock Trial. The Regional Competition was held at Claremont-McKenna University in Pomona on February 23-24, with 27 teams representing 16 universities. On a point-count basis, the CSULA team came in 19th out of 27 teams, and seven of the eight team members are EEPsters! Congratulations! A great showing for just the second year!

EEPsters in the News! Congrats to the following who are just a few of our amazing EEPsters. Please email Rich if your EEPster's accomplishment was overlooked, so it can be included in subequent newsletters!

Summer EEPster Opportunities. PEEPs have been collecting a wealth of information on summer internships and educational opportunities for those not planning on school/mentoring this summer. Thank you especially to PEEPs Peggy Simons and Sharon Lowe for emailing so many of these to Rich. We have placed them permanently on the PEEP website here. These include fabulous ideas like Aerospace, legal aid, historic preservation, Mock Trial Institute at UCLA and much, much more. And, remind your EEPster of the upcoming CSULA Career/Job Fair on Wed, April 30th right on campus -- over 100 companies and agencies will be there with full-time and part-time jobs/internship possibilities!

Our fearless leader advises against the goal of perfect grades! These are his words of wisdom on what is needed for grad school, based on his 18 years of experience advising EEPsters.
Graduate School Myths dispelled by Rich. "EEPsters do not need a 4.0 GPA for grad school acceptance. After meeting with the majority of EEPsters, Monica asked me to discuss this notion briefly in the next Newsletter as she has heard from EEPsters multiple times their belief that they must earn straight A’s to get into grad school. Perfectionism is a problem for most gifted students and while a noble concept, to be perfect is not realistic. We have a B average standard (3.0) in EEP, not a 4.0 requirement. It is OK and acceptable to earn a B. Students should assume a Mastery orientation not a Performance orientation in terms of school work." Rich's suggested EEPster goals for grad school:

• Strong GPA (3.5 and above is great), this is a B+ average.
• Strong test scores on (graduate) entrance exams.
• Strong letters of recommendation developed over time
through building faculty relationships.
• History of Involvement, leadership and extra curricular activities.
• Excellent communication and social skills often developed over time
by involvement in activities and with peers.
• Focus and passion for a career or academic discipline.

New Academic Advisor Dr. Jeff Benedict
Welcome to EEP Academic Advisor Dr. Jeff Benedict! With the move of EEP under Academic Affairs, EEP now has an Academic Advisor -- Dr. Jeff Benedict, a professor of Jazz Studies, Jazz Ensemble and Saxophone. He has been playing professionally since 1972, and is an accomplished classical and jazz musician and a winner of four DeeBee awards. EEP is happy to welcome Dr. Benedict. He has taught EEPsters in the Music Department during his 19 year career at CSULA, and is looking forward to meeting many more! For more information on Dr. Benedict, visit his CSULA page at http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/music/Benedic.htm

Randi Swedenberg Update. Randi, former EEP academic GA, got a new job at Humboldt State University in their Human Resources Dept. It was good to hear from her, and especially good to hear about her new position; we wish her the very best.

Welcome Bryant Ortiz. EEP has a new EEP office worker (through the Federal Work Study Program) Bryant Ortiz. Bryant is a very nice soft-spoken young man who is a CSULA freshman majoring in English, who will be helping out with the myriad office/clerical and student support services.

Moved? Changed emails? Please take a moment to make sure EEP has your current information, so you can be reached for everyday matters and more importantly, in case of emergency. Please email EEP with any new information. We have a wealth of information on CSULA's Emergency Preparedness, and suggestions for your home too.

Freshmen EEPsters at Catalina
PEEP Volunteer Opportunities. PEEP volunteers are always needed! Take the opportunity to get involved -- at home (computer work) or on campus (office help), as well as chaperoning and carpooling duty for EEPC events/activities. Or join in one one of the new committees planned -- social/welcoming or fundraising (we have had only one volunteer so far, and that was for the welcoming committee). And of course don't forget the biannual WPCT exam/PEEP general meeting (April 13th) and the May orientation for new Provies. Please let EEP know if YOU can volunteer by calling 323/343-2287 or sending a note to Rich or EEP.

Reminder: PEEP Website and Yahoo Group. The PEEP website is continuously updated with tons of useful links and information -- emergency procedures, summer internships, scholarships, news articles and more. Everything is linked from this one page, so please bookmark it! And our private Yahoo PEEP group contains a private PEEP roster with city and emails so PEEPs can set up carpools, or just get in touch with the parents of your EEPster's friends, as well as a history of Rich's emails.

EEF Financial News

Happy EEPsters!
Last call for 2007-08 Annual Giving! So far it's our best year ever -- over $24,000 -- and we still are optimistic for some last-minute donations! The monies will (hopefully) be used for our new space in King Hall. As always, all these donations go 100% to EEP and are 100% tax-deductible. A special thanks to PEEP Gina Hecht for the publicity as well as the donation of her (skillful!) winnings at a recent celebrity Poker Tournament! Don't forget, we do matching grants too. Send donations or grant information to: Early Entrance Foundation, 16311 Ventura Blvd, Suite #1298, Encino, CA 91436. Email PEEP Donna Hay with questions.

Electronics Recycling for Scholarships! The EEPC is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to create an EEPC Scholarship fund, raising money through collecting and recycling used consumer electronics. So please don't throw out those old/non-working electronics, including: Cell Phones, empty Printer Cartridges, DVD Movies & games, game systems, laptop computers, digital cameras/frames, GPS and more. A flyer will detail what EEPC can collect money for -- coming home soon!

Don't forget your college tax breaks!
College tax break. Over 25% of Americans fail to take advantage of the myriad of college-related tax breaks -- don't be one of them! As an example, a family with a household income of $60,000 with a child in college and another in graduate school can pocket more than $3,000 a year with the Hope Credit (a per-student annual credit for the first two years of higher education), deducting interest paid on student loans and deducting tuition and fees for the graduate student. The tax-advantaged college savings plans, known as 529 plans, can also boost your savings. And even if you're getting hit with the alternative minimum tax, these are credits that, unlike many others, still apply. Be sure to check out all that apply to you!

eScrip is Easy! It's simple, it raises lots of money for EEP, it's free and it needs you! And even your friends and relatives! Just sign up your grocery cards once and EEP gets a percentage back on all the grocery purchases all year long! If you have no charitable organization specified on your cards, the stores just keep all the money. Sign yourself up online (click here) or email (jen.edge@gmail.com) PEEP Jennifer Edge for help. We're aiming for $1000 next year -- please help us out!

ebay Donations. Don't discard, Donate! PEEP Helene Chemel will convert your unwanted collectibles into cash for EEP on ebay through her i-soldit store in Chatsworth. Visit the I-SoldIt website for more information.

Upcoming Events for EEP Families

Spring Quarter 2008 Important Dates. Dates of interest for this quarter are:

Spring quarter starts Monday, March 24th
Cesar Chavez Day Mon, March 31st -- school closed
WPCT and PEEP Meeting Sun, April 13th (see below for details)
Summer Quarter Tuition due Wed., April 16th - click here for form
Priority registration for Summer Quarter - Monday, April 21st
Memorial Day Mon, May 26th -- school closed
New Provie Orientation Meeting Wed, May 28th Thur, May 29th, 6-9pm
Spring Quarter Exams: Monday, June 2-5th
Summer Break (one week) - Friday, June 6th - Sunday, June 15th
Summer Quarter begins Monday, June 16th
For lucky summer travelers, keep in mind these dates for Fall:
Fall Quarter Tuition will be due (probably) Wed., July 9th (check next newsletter), and
Fall Quarter begins Thursday, Sep 18th

EEPsters probably need more tutoring...
...before using the bowling alleys in the New Student Union

WPCT -- April 13th (revised date!). The semi-annual WPCT and PEEP meeting will be Sunday, April 13th -- PEEP Meeting 10-11:30am and Prospective-PEEP (test-takers' parents) meeting 12-2pm. PLEASE, NO FOOD ITEMS THIS TESTING! All current and alum PEEPs are welcome to attend the PEEP meeting -- topics discussed will include changes to future testing (the WPCT is being phased out), outreach plans, the latest on the new space, the new Student Union building, and more. Don't forget that this is a good time to bring those unwanted tchotchkes for EEP to sell on ebay!! Those PEEPs interested in staying to greet prospective parents noon-2pm, kindly email Ned Fenton (njfenton@msn.com) to volunteer; about 5-8 PEEPs are needed until 2pm. The WPCT itself lasts until 4pm.

Provie Orientation Meeting -- May 29th (revised date). This year's prospective EEP student orientation evening is scheduled for Thursday, May 29th from 6-9pm, at King Hall. A few PEEPs are needed to attend and answer questions from the 50+ EEP applicants and their parents. Kindly email Ned Fenton (njfenton@msn.com) to volunteer. Many EEPsters will be volunteering too.

Volunteer Opportunities. Please get as involved in the PEEP as you can! PEEP still has many volunteer positions available, such as organizing October's New Parent Welcome, newsletter-writing, Fundraising Committee, Social/New Parent Welcome Committee -- please email PEEP Donna Hay at dhay16301@sbcglobal.net for more information. And thank you to our newest volunteer: Bruce Edge for website design/maintenance. Keep your eyes peeled for his innovative new website design, which should be unveiled by summer!

EEΠX Store

Yearbooks, Sweatshirts, T-shirts and More! We have it all! Just have your EEPster order one, and Rich will send home the item and a bill! With questions, email the EEP Club or call 323/343-5488 and leave a message.

Upcoming CSULA Events of Interest for EEP Families

Scene/Seen 1980-2000. A selection of works produced in the latter two decades of the 20th century donated to the Luckman Fine Arts Complex Permament Collection during the past decade by artists, collectors and friends. Sat, March 29 - Sat, May 24 at the Luckman Gallery; Gallery hours: Mon.-Thu. & Sat., noon-5pm.

Luckman Season: Call the Luckman Box Office (323-343-6600) or visit website.
Issac Delgado. Cuba’s famous and beloved modern salsa musicians, Grammy-nominated vocalist combines elements of Afro-Carribean rhythms with pop and jazz to form a unique style that brings audiences to their feet. Sat, March 29, at 8pm. at the Luckman Theatre
Decadancetheatre -- an explosive fusion of hip hop and dance theatre that is "intensely emotional and casually streetwise." Sat, April 5 at 8pm at the Luckman Theatre.
A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie -- the Luckman Jazz Orchestra's tribute to legend Dizzy Gillespie, the most popular and copied trumpet player since Louis Armstrong. Sat, April 26, 8pm in the Luckman Theatre.
Death and the Ploughman -- is a hauntingly beautiful play written in Germany in 1401, and awakens the complex mystery encased in a deeply disturbing question: How do we manage to live full and vibrant lives while death breathes down our neck? Thur, April 24 - Sun, April 27 8pm in the Intimate Theatre at the Luckman.
Rubberbanddance -- Combining the explosive beat and rhythms of street hip-hop with the subtleties of contemporary dance, Rubberbanddance is a unique and thrilling performance style. Sat, May 10, 8pm in the Luckman Theatre

Spring 2008 Science Series - Physical Sciences 158:
Wed. April 2 at 8pm -- Jennifer Garrison: "Understanding Volcanic Activity: Predicting Eruptions and Investigating Underground Plumbing Systems."
Wed. May 7th at 8pm -- Xin Wen (Chemistry & Biochemistry): "Toxic Metal Interactions with Zinc Finger Protein--A Molecular Mechanism in Carcinogenesis."

Midterm Madness -- EEPsters can pick up free scantrons or bluebooks, plus nachos, gift cards and more! -- Mon., Apr. 14, 4pm, Salazar Hall Quad; Tue., Apr. 15, Noon, Main Walkway; Wed., Apr. 16, 4pm, King Hall Walkway; Thu., Apr. 17, Noon, Main Walkway

Lectures sponsored by CSULA Philosophy Club: in the Golden Eagle Ballroom call (323-343-4176) Ann Garry, Philosophy Dept for more information
Thur, April 24 at 3:15-6pm Margaret Walker Lecture
Thur, May 1 at 3:15-6pm Sandra Harding Lecture: "Sciences for Below"

Blood Drives: Appointments (323 343-3301) are preferred; walk-ins are welcome. (EEPsters over 18 can donate too)
Mon Apr 14-Tues Apr 16, 10am-4pm -- USC Blood Donor Center’s Blood Drive in Lot 4
Tues May 6-Thurs May 8, noon-6pm -- American Red Cross Blood Drive in Lot 4

April is National Poetry Month Reading
Wed. April 2 at 6:30pm in the Golden Eagle Ballroom -- featuring American poet, scholar, teacher, and critic Adrienne Rich.
Wed. Apr 16 at noon in Music 150 -- Featured poet A.B. Spellman will be giving a presentation on jazz with the CSULA Jazz Band.
Thu, Apr 17 at 6:30pm in the Music Hall -- Featured poet: A.B. Spellman is both a founding member of Black Arts Movement and one of the fathers of modern jazz criticism.

Popsicle Day. Your EEPster can get a FREE popsicle and a comedic sketch by a seasoned caricature artist. First come, first serve. Mon, April 21 at noon in the Main Walkway.

Mozart’s Magic Flute -- the beloved 1791 Mozart masterpiece, Die Zauberflote. A wonderful introduction to opera and high quality singer-actors for the aficionado. Thur, May 15-Sat, May 17 at 8pm and Sun, May 18 at 3pm at the Luckman Theatre.

Mardi Gras FUN -- stilt walkers, jugglers, palm and tarot card readers, mask decorating and more! A casino-style game tables and a hypnotist show that will have your EEPster rolling with laughter. Plus amazing and FREE prize giveaways! Fri, May 16, 6pm at the University-Student Union Plaza Call the Center for Student Involvement at (323-343-5110) for more information.

This is just a partial listing of all the fabulous events available for EEPsters and PEEPs -- for all events visit the CSULA complete calendar at http://www.calstatela.edu/univ/calendar/.

Articles of Interest

Bill on home school rights urged - LA Times, March 8, 2008. Governor criticizes court requirement of a teaching credential and says he will move to protect practice. Click here for complete article.

Cal State closing the door earlier - LA Times, February 27, 2008. Schools move up application deadlines in hopes students will miss them, easing the effect of budget cuts. Click here for complete article.

Colleges turn discounters - LA Times, December 23, 2007. Harvard joins a growing list of institutions that are replacing student loans with grants for middle-class students. Click here for complete article.

For a link to the index of dozens of articles Rich has clipped -- to learn about homework myths, identity theft, MySpace safety, "crispies", "twixters" and much more -- click here!

Old Favorites! A Nation Deceived - a study summarizing 50 years of research on acceleration and its effectiveness - at this website http://nationdeceived.org/download.html and TIME's "Saving The Smart Kids" - a 2001 study found that 70% of kids who skipped ahead had no regrets. MENSA Bulletin "My Son Is A High-School Dropout -- and Proud Of It."

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