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CSULA PEEP Newsletters

Especially new parents might be interested in the welcome newsletter with lots of information, and links to resources -- it provides financial information (scholarships, taxes, etc), a general annual calendar, advice, links to books and articles of interest.

Dr. Rich Maddox emails an EEP newsletter to all current PEEPs each quarter. If you do not get it, contact the EEP office to make sure they have correct email addresses.

In 2005 an electronic quarterly newsletter was instituted to facilitate communication and to promote a sense of community among the parents of EEP students, the most current of whch is October, 2009
Past Newsletters: Mar'05, Jun'05, Sep'05, Jan'06, Apr'06, Jun'06, Sep'06, Jan'07, Apr'07, Jun'07, Oct'07, Jan'08, Mar'08, Jun'08, Sep'08, Dec'08, Apr'09, Jul'09.

EEP in the News

2005-2012 Graduates: Summary of the post-EEP plans of each graduating class, with links to annual detailed articles.

EEP is regularly in the news in CSULA press releases, and often not just in the local newspapers and local television, but also in national magazines and books! EEP is truly nationally reknown!

2013 CSULA Honors College video presented at President Rosser's retirement gala July 16, 2009 ABC (Los Angeles) Newsclip about Andrea Kulier, EEP graduate of 2009 May 16, 2001 NBC (Los Angeles) newsclip of CSULA EEP

For a link to all CSULA news releases about EEP students, click here. For some local newspaper articles and national magazine articles (including articles in CAG and Mensa), see the links below. And parents might be interested in two books to which EEP Director Rich Maddox has contributed: "Early Entrance to College" by Michelle Muratori (Amazon link) and "High IQ Kids: Collected Insights, Information, and Personal Stories from the Experts" (Amazon link).

PEEP Events

We have two PEEP meetings, on Sunday morning prior to the December and April Talent Searches. We also plan on two PEEP socials, at PEEP homes or at a convenient venue such as the San Antonio winery. The PEEP social chairs send email invitations for each. Have a suggestion for a fun get-together? Email the social chairs with that too!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming WCGTC conference -- biannually in the odd-year summers
          Visit their website for more information

Upcoming NAGC convention -- annually in the fall
          Visit their website for more information

Upcoming SENG conference -- annually in the summer
          Visit their website for more information

Upcoming CAG convention -- annually in the late winter
          Visit their website for more information

Upcoming EEP Talent Search (SEAA):
          (usually) second Sundays in December and April in Los Angeles
          Visit the website for more information

National and Local News Articles/Books of Interest

College at 13: Young, Gifted, and Purposeful (2012) by Razel Solow and Celeste Rhodes Amazon listing. Is such radical acceleration helpful or harmful? This book describes 14 highly gifted, young women, now in their 30s, who skipped all or most of high school. "Gifted kids need academic challenge," "it doesn't harm them to leave home early," and "keeping them interested in learning is vitally important."

Young law school grad skips the bars and tries to pass the bar instead - LA Times, October 2007. Kathleen Holtz, 18, of Westwood has taken the bar exam and is on track to become the nation's youngest licensed lawyer. Click here for the complete article.

My Son Is A High School Dropout -- and Proud of it! - Mensa Bulletin, February 2007. PEEP Donna Hay writes an article about Early Entrance Programs available nationwide. Click here for the complete article.

Rhodes Scholar 2007 - 2001 CSULA graduate Leana Wen learned in November 2006 that she was one of the ultra-select group of 32 graduate students receiving the 2007 Rhodes scholarship. Click here for the complete article. (For article on her 2010 presentation to the 49th Honors Convocation, click here.)

"Early Entrance to College" by Michelle C. Muratori, Ph.D. (2006 book) A summary of the choices and alternatives, including advice as to which students thrive and which do not. (Review by the Davidson Institute)

The Prodigy Puzzle - Ann Hulbert's November 20, 2005 New York Times Magazine article about profoundly gifted children. Focusing on Davidson fellows, she examines the history of research on giftedness, radical acceleration (including CSULA EEP), current educational opportunities, and intelligence testing. Click here for the article.

A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students - America's schools routinely avoid academic acceleration, the easiest and most effective way to help highly capable students. While the popular perception is that a child who skips a grade will be socially stunted, fifty years of research shows that moving bright students ahead often makes them happy. Click here for the interactive Nation Deceived website, with the full report on acceleration.

Saving The Smart Kids - Time Magazine September 27, 2004 by John Cloud. "If the work is not challenging for these high-ability kids, they will become invisible. We will lose them. We already are." "A 2001 study found that 70% of kids who skipped ahead had no regrets." Click here for complete article.

Early Start - Gifted Education Communicator, Fall/Winter 2003, by Richard S. Maddox. An article for the CAG Journal describing the EEP Program at CSULA. "It is reasonable, if not absolutely necessary, to understand that such a program is not the right choice for all highly gifted students but it is viewed by the majority of EEP alumni as the only choice that would have allowed them to reach their potential as scholars and as people." Click here for complete article.

Could the Next Einstein be in Your Class? - Davidson Institute, 2001 brochure. Characteristics of profoundly gifted children, and suggested academic options. For a pdf online version, please click here.

But What About the Prom? - Gifted Child Quarterly, Spring 1992 by Kathleen Noble and Julie Drummond. An article for the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), addressing students' perceptions of the Early College Entrance Program at the University of Washington. Click here for complete article. For a link to all of the research on the University of Washington EEP, please click here.

News articles about EEP and EEP students: 5/9/1984, 6/9/1990, 1/10/1991, 12/26/1991, 6/11/1992, 10/21/1992, 8/23/1995, 9/4/1997, 11/3/1997, 12/18/1998, 2/26/2000, 3/26/2000, 6/15/2003, Fall 2003

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