CSULA’s Early Entrance Program – Summer 2008

-----------EEP Newsletter Est. 1988, Summer '08 78th Edition -------------
Family Newsletter

Welcome EEP Family to the summer term; its time for salutations, Hello to Provies, congratulations and good byes to graduates. Excellent work to new Elders. Lots of stuff to cover, which prompted us to attempt to make the Newsletter as sleek and readable as possible.

Last Quarter's EventS

We began our last quarter with a big event, the 26th Biannual Search for Exceptional Academic Achievement (SEAA), commonly called the WPC exam. The second test of the academic year was held on Sunday, April 13, 2008. The EEP hosted approximately 300 testers in what was the final WPC exam. As communicated earlier the Test Scoring service in Washington is no longer scoring the exam. It was a pleasant and memorable day including a nice and informative parent meeting in the morning.

EEP Basketball Tournament (!!!) was continued for the 5th consecutive year on May 21st and 22nd and was a grand success with a slate of 6 3-person teams competing for prizes and athletic glory. See Announcements for winners.

Gradnite at Disneyland was a huge success with well over 30 EEPsters making the traditional all nighter on May 15th a huge success. Thank you to parent chaperones Susan and Roger Perreault, and Dennis Pacheco. GREAT parents provide GREAT help and GREAT care for the Program! Thank you, you are GREAT.

EEPC Elections were held Weeks 7-10 Dates May 5 to May 22nd of Spring - See Announcements for Election results.

The 19th annual Provie Family Orientation, renamed the Pre-Summer Orientation was held on Thursday evening May 29th at the King Hall Lecture Hall II from 6-9pm. We welcomed 50 Provies and their parents who heard the Director speak about the Program summer process and answered many a question. EEP alum helping welcome and inform Provies included Amanda Jancu, Jeshanah Chapman, Myle Ott, Brandon Pancost, Zhong Tan, Neshan Sarkisian, Kevork Abrahamian, Dimitri Kosturos, Arthur Prejna, Jordan Kubicki and Parent representative’s included Susan Fenton, Donna Hay, Sehba Arif, and Jean Lee. All our guests seemed happy and excited at the prospect of accelerated education through the Program. Assessments begin again on June 16th.

The University Public Affairs Office held the annual EEP Grad photo shoot on Friday, May 30th. Nearly all of the 2008 graduates were photogenically on display braving the glare and mid morning heat to take a great photo featured on the university home page for several days in early June.

The 4th annual EEP Elder Grad Dinner for the graduating class of 2008 organized by graduates Amanda Jancu and Samantha Hsu was held at BJ’s grill in Arcadia on Thursday June 5th from 6-9pm. Nearly all of the 2008 gradates also attended this annual tradition of food, camaraderie and celebration. Graduates were presented commemorative plaques, compliments of the PEEP and individualized words of wisdom and congratulations from the Director. More on the graduates in Accomplishments.

We were very proud of the graduating class of 2008 at the University’s 61st Annual Commencement exercises held on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th Reeder Field. This year there were two Commencement exercises designed to adequately serve the needs of approximately 3,000 university grads,. Ceremonies were held on Friday June 6th 6:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday June 7th 8am-12pm. 22 EEP graduates participated in commencement this year. Primarily ECS&T grads on Friday and NSS on Saturday.

The 4th annual Supreme EEP Club Talent Show was held at Almansor Court in Alhambra on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 from 5 to 8pm. Approximately 50 guests forfeited viewing the Lakers Championship game against the Celtics to enjoy an evening of teenage talent. That’s EEP style dedication to student life! The acts included Tori and Troi and Trenton I- “”You’re Gonna Miss Me”, Angela G and Sarah G-"Yakusoku" by Yonekura Chihiro, and Frosty O, Kostya K, Christopher Gi, and Alex S-"Lick 30 Tigers" aka Gilson and the Gilsonites and many others! See Announcements for Winners.

The EEPC sponsored camping trip to the beach at San Clemente and was held June 9th- 12th. W We were happy to see off the group of enthusiastic campers happy to see the academic year end and excited to embark on their traditional Club camping trip. Many cars and trucks were filled with many large bags, tents and sleeping bags. Good times were had by all though exact reports are pending at the time of this newsletter creation

EEPC sponsored field trip to Body Worlds Trip was held on Friday, April 18, 2008. The trip was an educational and fun filled bonanza with a couple of dozen EEPsters led by the EEPC Board and Director via bus and foot to the Science Center by USC. EEPsters marveled at the Plastination process (more: http://www.mpm.edu/bodyworlds/) and enjoyed a 3d IMAX movie, Monsters of the Sea. A fun and memorable trip indeed.

The 2nd annual EEP Field Day was held on June 13th at Hazard Park in Los Angeles. Several dozen EEPsters enjoyed an old-fashioned picnic and games in the park. Old School fun and a welcome to Summer time.


Media coverage this term included stories on the EEP grad Danielle Krasner on TV news broadcasts on KTLA, channel 5 locally (http://ktla.trb.com/news/) and a pending story on 2008 grads to be run in the Chinese Daily News

A story on the 2008 EEP grads ran in the Mid Valley news on June 11th vol. 45 # 24

Mrs. Monica Marquez- Savala our academic counselor is Graduating and leaving our Happy EEP family. Monica’s tenure was marked by several challenging changes and events but her commitment to help the EEPsters never faltered and we thank her for her care, kindness and service to our Program. Interviews begin for Monica’s replacement first thing in summer; we look forward to future Newsletter announcements

Jeff Benedict the University faculty advisor assigned to the EEP is on faculty recess during the summer quarter, we look forward to his return in September. Enjoy the summer Jeff!

Congratulations to Margaret L and David S the new EEP Club President and Vice President. The 2009 EEP Student Body Leaders will begin to assemble their Board soon; in the next Newsletter we’ll announce the entire 2008-2009 EEPC Board.

The PEEP announces an EEP Logo contest. Design an EEP logo to be used with the phrase “Support Intelligent Life on Earth” to be used on new program Tote bags for new freshmen.

The Basketball Tournament winners were: Asaad T and Avijit S

Congratulations to SEC Show winners: The rock band Gilson and the Gilsonites, Opera Singer Lea U, and the rock group Irons family -- Troi, Tori and brother Trenton. The art competition awards went to Shauna C for animals on metal leaf and Suki K for Korean paints on rice paper, birds on a tree.

We just learned from a PEEPster that CalTrans has student assistant positions. Here's the website for information: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/jobs/SA/sa_index.htm.

Following is a copy of the University’s press release on this year’s EEP graduate class. 22 Early Entrance students set to exit Cal State L.A. with bachelor's degrees. Youngest, 16, off to Yale for biochemistry PhD; others look to be lawyers, engineers, doctors, jet pilot etc.

Los Angeles, CA - Having started college early, 22 students ranging from 16-21 years old will receive their baccalaureate degrees at Cal State L.A. Friday-Saturday, June 6 and 7.

The exceptional students-most of them still teenagers-attended Cal State L.A. through its Early Entrance Program (EEP). The program admits extraordinarily gifted youngsters-some as young as 11-directly into college and provides them with monitored evaluation, counseling, and the opportunity to study with like-minded peers.

Here is the EEP Class of 2008:

Student News and AccomplishmentS

Congrats to Cal State LA’s 2008 Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellow Andrew Jick who was named the Kathleen Greey Fellow Preference for the Greey Fellowship is given to one of the top-ranking nominee whose undergraduate field is other than the basic sciences. For more see: http://www.phikappaphi.org/Web/Scholarships/graduatefellowship.html. Andrew joins good company with 10 other EEPsters who have received a PKP graduate Fellowship in recent years. Excellent work Andrew! Congratulations.

Congrats to Margret L and David S the newly elected EEPC President and Vice President for the 2008-209 School year.

Congratulations to EEP Scholarship winners Angela G (Freshman of the Year) and Amanda J (Elder of he Year) and the winner of the EEPC Faculty of the Year Dr. William Taylor (Physics).

Congratulations to SEC Show winners: The rock band Gilson and the Gilsonites, Opera Singer Lea U, and the rock group family -- Troi, Tori and brother Trenton The art competition awards went to Shauna C for animals on metal leaf and Suki K for Korean paints on rice paper, birds on a tree.

Congratulations to David N's Japanese 302 class skit won "Award for Best Acting" at the Third Annual Japanese Cultural Showcase at UCI on May 10th.

Congratulations to Claire W who will be interning at the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo this summer and she is very excited! Internships are great for students! Go Claire!

Please remember to alert us to all the fantastic things EEPsters do so we may add to the next EEP Newsletter, both on and off campus.


Paul Gowder J.D Class of 1997

Mark Gordan J.D Class of 1999

Bibhu Mohanty M.D Class of 2004

Jackson Vane M.D (09) Class of 2005

Rex Cheng M.D (10) Class of 2006

Lei Zhao Ph.D. (11) Class of 2006

Owynn Lancaster Class of 2007

Ron Masson M.D. (12) Class of 2007

Remember, many of these EEP Alumni and others have provided the EEPsters with their e-mail addresses for consultation and advisement (in the Student Information Binder) with new additions available at Group Meetings quarterly.


Priority Registration for Fall 2008 will be during the 2nd week of Summer 2008

Advisement Slips due by Wednesday, June 18th @ noon (12:00pm)

Tuition due by Wednesday, June 18th

Priority Registration is June 23, 2008